School Development

Outdoor Learning Environment Masterplan

Below is the Concept Design for our Outdoor Learning Environment Masterplan. Please take a moment to view it and provide some feedback for the final planning phase.

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Outdoor Learning Environment Concept Plan

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Our 2018 Journey 

A school of love and learning

God is love

Our school’s 40th Anniversary is fast approaching. It is a perfect opportunity to re-examine the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart charism that is the source of our spirituality and shapes our life as a community. Staff have already spent a day reflecting on the work of Jules Chevalier, founder of the MSC order.

Each term students will explore a different aspect of our charism:

Term 1: What does scripture say about ‘love’?

Term 2: What do the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart teach about ‘love’?

Term 3: What does ‘love’ look like?

Term 4: How can we be God’s love?School Focus

We will also introduce an inquiry-based pedagogy across the school that stimulates and responds to children’s natural curiosity, providing opportunities for students to learn specific independent learning skills and deepen their knowledge and understandings about the world. Teachers are developing inquiry units in Geography, History, Science, Health and many other curriculum areas.

Our staff, as a Professional Learning Community, will collaborate in Professional Learning Teams to undertake research into effective teaching & learning practices that have high impact on student achievement in the classroom. The first teams formed are Junior Primary (K, 1 & 2), Middle Primary (3 & 4) & Senior Primary (5 & 6). These teams have begun exploring consistent practices in reading, spelling and inquiry learning.

Our work in these areas will be founded on a culture of high expectations: where we are challenged to ‘love’ in every situation; we work together for high achievement and we stretch students to be active learners who grow continuously as capable, independent, loving and socially mature young people.

Ongoing School Development

St John the Apostle Primary School is always striving to provide the best possible educational outcomes for its students and families. 

To do this our staff and parent community, represented by the Community Council, undertake the annual cycle of improvement and review undertaken by all Catholic systemic schools to develop a clear vision and path to achieve our aspirations. Our strategic work and intentions are reflected in our Strategic Plans, Annual Improvement Plans and Annual Reports.

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